A bingo hall in the 400 block of Marion Street was robbed Friday evening.

Winnipeg police say around 7 p.m. three individuals disguised and armed with machetes stole money and left.

Emily Beardy has been playing bingo at Saints Peter and Paul Parish for around seven years. She said she’s never seen any issues there before.

While she was playing the early bird game Friday, chaos broke out.

“The caller said, ‘Emergency! Emergency! Front door! Front door!’”

Beardy said she was unsure of what was happening at first.

“I just looked at other people, and then I see the guy with a machete over his head.”

Beardy said the three people wearing balaclavas barged in and left just as quickly.

“All I can think about is that old lady selling cards. They got away with a tray of money,” said Beardy.

The amount of cash stolen is unknown at this time. Police said there were no injuries reported.

After the suspects left and police arrived, the game went on.

“The bingo caller was like, ‘Unfortunately this happens a lot and we’ll get on with the bingo’,” said Beardy.

She was in shock, but finished out the game.

Beardy said she plans on heading back to play bingo on Sunday.

The robbery is under investigation.