A peregrine falcon found injured in Winnipeg was able to get medical help this week from professionals who knew its history.

The male bird was found near the Canadian Mennonite University with a fractured wing and several deep cuts. He was taken to the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre where staff noticed the falcon was banded.

“It’s not very often we get in a wild patient that we are able to track its history, but we did this week,” the centre wrote on its Facebook page.

The centre said the bird. known as Beau, was captive born and released to the wild in 2007 by another centre in Manitoba that breeds peregrine falcons to be populated back into the wild.

Beau was then tracked by the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project, who observed the falcon successfully return to a nest site in west Winnipeg each year since 2010.

The centre said it is still unclear how the falcon sustained its injuries.

Beau is scheduled for surgery early next week at Centennial Animal Hospital.

Peregrine falcons have been listed as an endangered species in Manitoba since 1992.