An inquest into the death of Michael Langan started Monday.

The teen died in 2008 after Winnipeg police used a Taser on him.

Lawyers for the Winnipeg Police Service, Taser International, the company who supplies WPS with Tasers, and Langan's family are participating in the inquest.

“We have to have some closure with Michael and let him rest in peace,” said Sharon Shymko, Langan’s mother.

Police found the seventeen year old in an alleyway in 2008, while looking for a robbery suspect.

Police said Langan had a knife when they confronted him and he refused to give it up.

The first witness of the inquest saw the teen with a knife before police caught up with him.

Business owner Hartley Klapman said he caught Langan with binoculars from his car, which had a window smashed in.

Langan gave up the binoculars and left. Klapman followed him as his co-worker, Harry Connon, called 911.

Connon testified that he did not see the teen with a knife.

But both witnesses say he seem "agitated,” jumping around like a boxer.

The first part of inquest will also hear from other witnesses to the incident, including the two police officers who confronted Langan and a responding paramedic.

Part two of the inquest in June will hear from a cardiologist and a police use-of-force expert.