WINNIPEG -- The province has released more data on Winnipeg's COVID-19 cases, and where they are located in the city.

As of March 22, Winnipeg has 1,853 active cases of COVID-19. The province has said that the case count is likely higher as at-home rapid test results are not being recorded.


The province has broken those cases down, based on 12 community areas. Each area includes the number of active, recovered and total cases, as well as the number of deaths and rate of cases per 100,000.

"This information serves to inform the public and guide decision-making," the province said.

Dr. Brent Roussin, the chief provincial health officer, said previously this case information shows what area of the city the people with COVID-19 live, but not where they contracted the disease.

Here is a look at Winnipeg's COVID-19 cases:


The data in this story is updated daily.