WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg man is angry and upset after seeing a City of Winnipeg truck parked in a accessible parking space on Tuesday, and the reaction he received from the driver.

Jeff Toews was at a dentist’s office on McPhillips Street on Tuesday afternoon to pay a bill, and decided to cross the street to a strip mall and buy a coffee at a Tim Hortons, and do shopping at a nearby store.

When he left Tim Hortons, he saw a City of Winnipeg Truck pulling into the accessible space near the door. Toews raised the issue with the driver of the truck, who he said got defensive about the parking and told him he was going to order his lunch and eat.

“It got me a little upset, so I took the picture,” Toews said, noting he did not see a tag in the truck's window.

After taking the picture of the car parked in the space. Toews continued shopping in the strip mall. When he left the strip mall, he saw the truck was still parked in the same spot.

Toews said he was not happy, as he said there were more parking spaces available in the lot for the truck aside from the accessible parking space. He said the way the truck was parked also impacted access to the restaurant.

“Not only did he stop someone who needed the parking stall, he stopped anybody who was in a wheelchair or who had crutches or anybody who couldn’t walk properly, they couldn’t walk up the ramp anymore,” he said.

CTV Winnipeg reached out to the city for a comment on the incident, and was provided a statement from a spokesperson.

“The alleged behavior of the Public Works employee is concerning, and we want to assure you that we are investigating this incident further,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, as this is now a human resources matter, we won’t be able to provide further details.”