There will be no appeal to the verdict in the Raymond Cormier second degree murder trial, according to a Manitoba Justice spokesperson.

Cormier was acquitted last month in connection with the death of Tina Fontaine.

On Tuesday, Fontaine’s family was informed there would be no appeal, according to the spokesperson.

“When a jury finds the accused person not guilty, the Crown can only appeal errors on questions of law. After a critical review of the law by the Manitoba Prosecution Service’s appeal unit and the Crown attorneys who prosecuted the case, it has been determined there are no grounds to base a successful appeal of the Raymond Cormier verdict in the death of Tina Fontaine,” the spokesperson said.

Fontaine was 15-years-old when her body was found in the Red River wrapped in a duvet cover in August 2014.

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'It rips everything out of me': Fontaine's family reacts

Tina Fontaine’s family is reacting to the decision by Manitoba Justice with disappointment.

Great aunt Thelma Favel tells CTV News she is vowing to go forward and continue fighting for justice, but says it hurt to learn today's decision.

“It’s like, hearing that, them finding Tina all over again. It rips everything out of me, and I just fall every time I get some bad news, and then I have to struggle to try something new,” said Favel in a phone interview Tuesday.

“(It’s like) they don't care, like she's a nobody, like she didn't even exist, like they don't even want to know the way she was killed. It hurts. It hurts so bad right now.”

Favel said she’s been receiving supportive phone calls from family and community members and plans to speak with chiefs and lawyers in the coming days.

“Tina wouldn’t give up and I’m not going to either,” Favel said.

With files from CTV's Beth Macdonell