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'It makes me feel sick to my stomach': Injured cat found with metal trap clamped to its leg in Winnipeg


An injured cat is recovering at the Winnipeg Humane Society after being rescued last week with a metal trap clamped to its leg.

The cat, dubbed Remy by Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) staff, was first spotted last Sunday in the city’s Tyndall Park area with the trap. Over the span of several days, residents and members of Facebook-based cat rescue groups searched the area for Remy.

Finally, late Thursday night, a homeowner found the hurt animal under his deck and alerted the rescue group.

They barricaded the deck leaving only one way in and out.

“My heart was definitely pounding,” Nicole Towers, part of the rescue team, told CTV News on Monday. “It was, at that point, very life or death for kitty if he got away.”

Towers crawled under the deck to help lure Remy out.

"I knew no matter what, I had to get him. At that point grabbing onto the chain and holding on for dear life was the best option."

The rescue was successful and Remy was rushed to an emergency animal hospital. He is now in the care of the WHS.

"He had to have surgery to have a few of his toes removed from the extensive injuries from the trap, but he’s progressively getting better,” Brittany Semeniuk, WHS animal welfare specialist, said on Monday.

The cat, dubbed Remy by Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) staff, had to have surgery to have a few of his toes removed from the extensive injuries from the trap. (Source: Winnipeg Humane Society)

The body-hold trap Remy was caught in was disturbing to all parties involved.

"It makes me feel sick to my stomach that these things are out there and that people are using them," Towers said.

Semeniuk said the WHS sees incidents involving body-hold traps a couple times a year.

"The fact that this trap was set illegally shows us that more education has to be done. That this is not only an inhumane way of dealing with animals, but it is also illegal,” Semeniuk added.

This summer, the City of Winnipeg amended its Responsible Pet Ownership By-Law prohibiting the use of body-hold traps within city limits.

"These are very painful traps. They can injure and maim all different types of animals or even kill animals," Leland Gordon, the head of the city’s animal services said.

Gordon said if residents are concerned about pest or wildlife management, there are better and more humane options available.

"The solution is not to set a body-hold trap. The solution is you need to wildlife proof your home."

He said that means removing food sources on the property, as well as blocking off potential shelters in sheds or under decks and stairs.

Anyone who comes across a body-hold trap should contact 311.

Remy is still in recovery, but the WHS is optimistic.

“He’s here now and he’s getting quality care, so that he can have a bright future ahead of him,” Semeniuk said.

The Humane Society is collecting donations to help cover the cost of Remy’s surgery and care. Details can be found on the WHS website Top Stories

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