WINNIPEG -- New data suggests Manitobans are staying home and limiting contact with others in an effort to battle COVID-19, but not to the same degree that was set during the first wave of the pandemic last spring.

Wednesday, Doctors Manitoba released a mobility analysis using google data to understand how Manitobans are spending their time.

It suggests that on the first two days of the most recent lockdown, November 12 and 13, Manitobans increased their time at home by 17 per cent.

They reduced their time spent in the workplace by 33 per cent, and time spent in retail or recreational facilities dropped by 39 per cent.

Doctors Manitoba said although the trend is encouraging, it’s not as strong as what we saw in the spring during the first lockdown.

Back in April, the data shows Manitobans increased their time at home by 18 per cent, reduced their time in the workplace by 46 per cent, and time in retail and recreation facilities by 44 per cent.

Dr. Kristjan Thompson, president of Doctors Manitoba, said more effort is needed.

“Right now we’re dealing with 30 times the number of active cases, 20 times the number of hospital admissions, and so it’s not enough.”

Thompson said hospital wards, ICU’s and emergency rooms are reaching their brink.

“We are concerned, and we just want to make sure that Manitobans are aware that this is real and that they need to be concerned as well.”

Thompson said Manitoba’s need to stay home as much as possible, wear a mask, and follow health guidelines set out by the province.

Doctors Manitoba launched a digital ad campaign urging Manitobans to stay home and stop the spread, the site already has more than three million views.