WINNIPEG -- To Miles Kasprick’s family, he’s “Batman,” a real-life superhero.

But, after being hospitalized due to COVID-19 and transferred to a hospital in Ontario, Kasprick’s family is praying for his life.

“He’s our superhero, he really is. He’s always been there for everyone,” said Charlene Covell, Kasprick’s sister, who was willing to speak on behalf of the family.

“It’s so devastating because he was so healthy, so lively, and this just took him right out.”

Kasprick, 43, is from Winnipeg and is the youngest of seven children.

The family isn’t sure where exactly, Kasprick contracted COVID-19 a little over one week ago, but his reaction to the virus was severe.

Shortly after being hospitalized in Winnipeg, Kasprick was put into a medically-induced coma. That was only two days before Kasprick’s COVID-19 vaccination appointment, according to Covell.

About four days ago, due to the ongoing strain placed on Manitoba’s ICU capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kasprick was flown out to a hospital in St. Thomas, Ontario.

“It just seems like he’s a world away now and you almost feel helpless,” said Covell.

“We can’t be with him. I can’t be with my family. I can’t help,” she said.

Kasprick is also a father to three children and engaged.

Covell says Kasprick’s fiancé is doing her best despite the difficult situation.

“We can’t be there, we can’t hug her, we can’t help her. All we can do is talk,” said Covell.

Covell is also critical of the Manitoba government’s handling of the pandemic, saying the province reopened too quickly before an adequate vaccine supply was secured.

She also has a message to Manitobans who may not be following COVID-19 health precautions and not taking the pandemic seriously: “No one is invincible. You can’t run from this,” she said.

“Do your due diligence, stay home.”