WINNIPEG -- Pierre-Luc Dubois may be new to the Winnipeg Jets, but his family has already made a name for themselves in the Winnipeg hockey community.

Pierre-Luc’s dad, Eric Dubois, is the assistant coach for the Manitoba Moose.

Eric said he’s happy to see his son play for the Jets, because this is the first time the centre will be living close to his parents since he was 15-years-old.

“To have a chance to see him play a lot more and closer to home, it’s something special for sure,” Eric said.

CTV News Winnipeg previously reported the Jets traded Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for Pierre-Luc and a third round pick in the 2022 draft.

Eric said he can’t say for sure if playing in the NHL was his son’s dream, but he’s always been passionate about hockey.

He recalled back when Pierre-Luc was just a young boy, he would accompany Eric to his own hockey games and come down to the dressing room after a win.

“(He) then grew up a two-minute walk from the arena where I was working as a coach,” Eric said.

“So instead of going out for lunch, he’d come eat lunch with me, watch some video. Then as soon as lunch would be over, he’d be on the ice skating around, taking some shots on the nets.”


Eric said there is a fine line between being a coach and a father. However, his main priority has always been to be Pierre-Luc’s dad.

“I always said to my wife early on, ‘If you think I’m becoming a coach, don’t hesitate to reprimand me, put me back in my place,’” he said. 

“I think first things first, I have to be dad.” 

He noted he always made sure to listen to his son, and would only offer his opinion if asked for it.

“I remember, I think the first time he got on the ice with minor hockey, they asked me to go on the ice with them, and I could see right away, as soon as I got on the ice, he put more pressure on himself to be better or try to be as perfect as he could,” Eric said. 

“I noticed that right away and was like, okay that cannot happen.”

He noted this was his last time on the ice with Pierre-Luc for a while, as he could always tell his son didn’t enjoy the game as much with his dad on the ice.


As for whether Pierre-Luc’s move to Winnipeg means he will be moving in with his parents, Eric said that isn’t happening even though his wife did offer.

“I think it’s important for those players to have their time away from the arena, and be able to do whatever they like to do when they’re off the ice,” he said.

Eric noted that once the pandemic is over, he is sure Pierre-Luc will come around for dinner.

- With files from CTV’s Michael Hutchinson.