One woman is feeling “relieved” after the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service rescued her cat that was stuck in a tree for almost a week.

Maddy, the 7-month-old cat, was on her way to the vet on Friday when she got frightened and climbed up a tree in East Kildonan. Her owner Deborah Woods said she was refusing to come down.

On Tuesday fire crews used two different ladder trucks to reach Maddy, but she was up too high, according to Woods. On Wednesday they were able to reach her with the help of an extension ladder.

For Woods, watching the rescue was an emotional experience.

“I was scared and relieved at the same time,” she said.

“I’m happy that she’s down and they did a great job. I’m surprised that they would come to her rescue and it shows that even a cat’s life is important to the fire department and to everyone."