A man has been charged with 15 criminal offences in connection to the shooting death of a young woman in the Interlake.

The RCMP has confirmed Jesse Paluk has been charged with second degree murder and seven counts of attempted murder after a 20-year-old woman was shot and killed on a rural road Saturday around 11:40 p.m. just south of Fraserwood, Man.

Paluk has also been charged with three counts of discharging a firearm at a motor vehicle with intent to wound, three counts of reckless discharge of a firearm and assault with a weapon.

Friends have identified the victim as Hailey Dugay who lived in the R.M. of Armstrong with her boyfriend.

According to RCMP, Dugay was shot while sitting in a vehicle after a man opened fire at passing vehicles following an altercation at Fraserwood Bar.

Dugay’s friend Shawn Stefishen, 30, was with her and other friends the night of the shooting.

“Last I remember her she was smiling and laughing,” said Stefishen. “We just took the wrong gravel road. We took the wrong – That’s all.”

“It was random. It could’ve been you guys driving that road,” he said during an interview with CTV News.

Stefishen said he and a group of friends, including Dugay and her boyfriend Branden Harasymko, were at the Fraserwood Bar Saturday night when an altercation between a man and a different group forced the closure of the bar.

Stefishen said after it closed, his group started driving in three separate vehicles on Kuz Road, south of Fraserwood, to a friend’s place and that’s when the shooting occurred.

He said Dugay and Harasymko were driving in a truck ahead of him when Dugay was shot.

“I seen him (Branden) fishtail around these two vehicles parked on the road,” said Stefishen.

When Stefishen pulled up to the parked vehicles he said a man holding a rifle shot at his truck.

“At that point Branden (Hailey’s boyfriend) called me. He said, ‘I’m getting shot at, we got shot at. Hailey’s hit.’ At that point I got a second shot and it sounded like the gun was in my truck. I knew he hit my truck.”

Stefishen said a third truck being driven by his cousin was also shot at.

Police said Dugay suffered life-threatening injuries and later died.

Stefishen said Dugay babysat his two children and news of her death hasn’t yet sunk in.

“We’re still wrapping our heads around it right now.”

Investigators said they’re not searching for any other suspects.

Fraserwood Bar directed questions from CTV to the RCMP.

Paluk remains in custody.

He has a court date scheduled for Tuesday morning in Winnipeg.