The Winnipeg Jets officially rolled out details of their new digital ticketing platform on Jan. 15.

Season ticket holders will now have a barcode card, rather than physical tickets.

Jets CEO Jim Ludlow says it's a more secure way for fans to manage their tickets.

"Each season ticket holder will get one card for each seat they hold as part of their ticketholder agreement," he said.

Transfers can be done online.

"When you email your ticket to your buddy, we also get information on the recipient. That person accepts the ticket, then we can service the recipient for that particular game," said Ludlow.

The Jets said there will not be a transfer or re-printing fee.

“Right now, there are no fees. The main feature of the card right now is primary access, and number two - forwarding tickets, and number three - reprinting tickets,” said Ludlow.

Fans who spoke to CTV Winnipeg on Tuesday raised concerns.

“When you have four different people sharing tickets, it's not convenient at all. You have to go into your account, print off, forward these tickets. Where, if they were hard copy tickets, it's just a matter of giving somebody your set of tickets,” said Doug Pomanski, a season ticket holder.

"Hopefully enough ticket holders will voice their opposition to this new system,” he said.

The Jets also tweeted a response to fans Tuesday.

"#NHLJets season ticket holders, apologize for fee confusion in ST card talk. Not intentional. If have more ?'s pls do call your ticket rep," said a Twitter posting from a team spokesman.

The card also gives season ticket holders discounts to merchandise at the Jets store.

The team is also looking at moving towards smartphone technology, but said they're moving slowly and intelligently.