Michael Bublé's "Crazy Love" tour came to Winnipeg on Friday night, bringing the singer back to a city he loves to perform for.

"The truth is, they're usually the best audiences," he said of the crowds he's played for in smaller cities. "Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are probably going to be a lot more rowdy than Toronto."

While in Winnipeg, Bublé ate at Hermanos Restaurant and Wine Bar - and raved about the experience to reporters at a press conference before his show.

He also celebrated his tour manager's 52nd birthday at Hy's by buying everyone drinks.

Unfortunately for some ladies, Bublé is engaged. He wears an engagement ring - something that caused some "kerfuffle" on entertainment news websites, he said.

"I was just trying to honor the customs of the woman I love," he said. His fiancé is Argentinean, but Bublé said a man wearing an engagement ring is customary in many countries.

Bublé said he believes tickets to see many musical acts are too expensive, especially with hefty service charges from ticket brokers added on top. He added that he considers the approximately $60 base price for tickets to his shows very reasonable.

Bublé, a co-owner of the WHL's Vancouver Giants, said he is a fan of affordable entertainment.

He's also on board with bringing an NHL team back to Winnipeg.

"The only thing that bums me out about Winnipeg is Phoenix," he said, referring to the Coyotes hockey team that used to be the Winnipeg Jets. "I have a weird feeling that you guys are going to get close to getting it again. You should. The city deserves it."

Asked about the changing music industry, Bublé spoke about some of the harm done by fans who download music without paying.

"It affects a lot of people," he said, citing artists as well as the people who worked in record stores, but have lost their jobs.

However, record company executives, who live "lavish" lifestyle and sold the means to pirate music, didn't get his sympathy.

"People say the business is over. I don't think it is over. I think it is just in a transitional period. People are just going to find new ways to buy music," he said.

Bublé's most recent album is 2009's Crazy Love. However, he'd rather be on stage than recording a new one in a studio, he said.

"I'm so comfortable and happy, I enjoy every minute out there," he said.