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'Just delete it': Manitoba Hydro warning about text message scam

An example of the fraudulent text. (Source: X/Manitoba Hydro) An example of the fraudulent text. (Source: X/Manitoba Hydro)

Manitoba Hydro is warning the public about a text message scam that’s becoming increasingly prevalent.

According to the Crown Corporation, the scheme involves fake text messages that threaten to disconnect a person’s power if they don’t pay their remaining balance.

Bruce Owen, media relations officer with Manitoba Hydro, said they’ve been receiving a lot of reports this weekend about this particular scam.

“We recommend that if you get one of these things, just delete it,” he said in an interview on Saturday.

“Whatever you do, don’t click on any links, because those links could give access potentially to your own personal financial information.”

Owen explained that if Manitobans are behind in their Hydro bills, they will be notified directly from Manitoba Hydro, whether that’s through a phone call or a bill.

He added that the Crown Corporation won’t just threaten to cut off your power out of the blue.

“That doesn’t happen,” he said. “There’s a staged process.”

As for what Manitobans should look out for to determine if something is a scam, Owen said to look out for spelling errors and suspicious links.

“Sometimes they steal our logo or they spoof our phone number, but if there’s a link associated with it, it does not take you to Manitoba Hydro,” he said.

“You can see that link and recognize it’s not a Manitoba Hydro link.”

Owen noted that the majority of people know that these texts are fake, and doesn’t have exact numbers on how many people fell victim to the scheme.

“That’s how these scammers operate,” he said. “They can send out thousands of these texts, but if two people reply, well these scammers, that’s their pay day.”

Those who want to check whether they are in good standing with Manitoba Hydro can check with their online account. Top Stories

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