WINNIPEG -- Some Manitobans are continuing to break public health orders around COVID-19, according to the province’s Justice Minister, who has now taken a new step to crack down on those breaking the rules.

On Friday in a news release, Justice Minister Cliff Cullen announced bylaw enforcement officers now have the authority to enforce public health orders and issue tickets at anyone caught breaking them.

“Despite extensive public health education campaigns, compliance with public health orders continues to be an issue,” Cullen said in the release, adding the extra enforcement will help curb the non-compliance.

This comes after the province upped the financial hit Manitobans will take if they are caught breaking the orders.

Individual fines for people breaking health orders are now $1,296, nearly triple the previous fine of $486.

Fines for businesses and corporations were also increased to $5,000.

The province said the health orders bylaw enforcement officers will be able to issue tickets for include:

  • orders limiting the size of gatherings;
  • orders imposing health protection measures on business (e.g. social distancing, capacity limits, patrons to remain seated at bars, etc.);
  • orders requiring people with a positive COVID-19 test, or those advised they are a close contact, to self-isolate;
  • orders requiring people travelling into Manitoba to self-isolate according to public health; and
  • orders prohibiting travel to northern Manitoba.

The province said the RCMP, other police agencies, the Health Protection Unit, Manitoba Conservation, and Climate, Workplace Safety and Health, and the Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority are also able to enforce health orders.