If you do anything work related on your wireless computer you want to make sure your stuff is secure.

Byron Wright is a computer expert at Conexion Networks. He helps people and businesses keep their personal information safe.

He says an unsecured home computer on a wireless network can be an open invitation to identity theft.

"You want to make sure there is encryption on the network or anyone with a computer could connect to your network," he told CTV News.

That's exactly what happened to several retail stores in the U.S. and Canada in 2007.

Thieves stole personal information from millions of customers by doing what's called "war driving."

"War driving is really simple," says Wright. "It's just someone with a computer driving around looking for a wireless network that not protected with encryption."

Wright says encrypting your computer isn't that difficult and many wireless providers will walk you through it for free.

Installing anti-virus software can also protect you from viruses or unwanted spam.

Consumer reports just tested several anti-virus software including MacAfee and Norton. They cost about $50 a year.

MacAfee and another program called Bit Defender came out on top.

With a report from CTV's Consumer Watch reporter Eleanor Coopsammy.