WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg pub that closed down the day before St. Patrick’s Day is temporarily converting into a grocery service.

King’s Head Pub announced Monday it has found a way to keep its employees working by starting a grocery delivery service, which will launch April 1 and start taking orders on March 31.

“This is quality hospitality industry product that we will be repackaging for consumer use,” said Chris Graves, the pub’s owner, in an email.

“We’re using our staff to repack it. We’re using our staff to deliver it as well. And what we’re doing is putting it into almost a hamper style. So we’re putting packages together for people in families two and families of four.”

Graves said the grocery service will be a “zero contact curbside delivery’ and all payments will be made electronically though their website.

Curbside pickup will also be available at the pub.

You can access the service on the King’s Head website.