The Selkirk Mental Health Centre is increasing security after a hunting knife was found in the room of a mentally ill killer housed there.

Joey Wiebe slit his stepmother's throat in 2001 and was found not criminally responsible due to a personality disorder. He was then housed at the forensic unit at the Selkirk Mental Health Centre.

Staff at the centre found a knife above a ceiling tile in his room two weeks ago.

The facility says it always tries to address issues immediately when a critical incident happens.

Wiebe has since been arrested and is now housed at the remand centre, charged with possessing a knife as well as assaulting a security guard and threatening to kill him. A source tells CTV News that a hit list was found with names of some of the staff members who work with Wiebe.

The source also says love letters have also been found from a nurse who was allegedly involved with Wiebe and was subsequently fired because of it. Wiebe also escaped three years ago and later surrendered to police in Victoria, B.C.

Wiebe's lawyer says a hospital is still the best place for Wiebe to receive treatment.

The Selkirk Mental Health Centre says it has spoken to staff about the recent incident and has stepped up security.

The facility is the same place where Vince Li is housed, the man who beheaded Tim McLean aboard a Greyhound bus in July 2008.

- with a report from CTV's Kelly Dehn