A fire at a campground in southwestern Manitoba destroyed multiple trailers on the weekend.

Four trailers were burned in the fire early Saturday morning, with three of those destroyed. The fourth one received damage on one side, said RCMP.

The fire was reported around 4:30 a.m. July 27.

No one was in the trailer where the fire started at the AG Society Campground, but a man, woman and their pet bird in a neighbouring trailer narrowly escaped before the blaze engulfed their trailer.

"One of the campers was over banging on my door. He says, 'You gotta get out of there.' I got out of bed and looked outside and all you could see (were) flames," said Larry Duncan. "Another two minutes (we) wouldn't have been getting out of there."

Duncan and his wife managed to get out safely, but their pet bird was still inside. Duncan had to break a window to rescue the bird.

No one was in the three other trailers burned in the blaze.

Officials believe the fire started from a laptop that overheated in one of the trailers. 

"The Office of the Fire Commissioner believed it was sitting on a carpet. So when it's charging and sitting on carpet, you may not notice the heat in the amount of time it would take to charge up but over a prolonged period of time that's likely going to cause problems," said Cpl. Scott Fefchak of Killarney RCMP.

Officials said if you're going to be away for an extended period of time, it's best to unplug as many devices and appliances as possible.

Larry Duncan said he doesn't blame his neighbours for the fire. 

"It's not their fault. Everybody does it everyday," said Duncan.

Duncan said he has insurance and he and his wife hope to get a replacement trailer to resume their vacation.

Damage estimates for the trailers lost in the blaze are not yet available.

- with a report from CTV's Josh Crabb