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Likely tornado, golf ball-sized hail hits during storm in southern Manitoba


Severe weather hit parts of southern Manitoba Saturday after Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) issued several severe thunderstorm watches and warnings.

Chris Stammers, a meteorologist with ECCC, said it is unconfirmed, but it appears a tornado touched down near Lena, Man. Saturday afternoon.

"It was likely what we call a landspout tornado, which goes up early in the life cycle of a thunderstorm," said Stammers. "It's a lower-end tornado that's usually very brief in nature."

ECCC works with the Northern Tornadoes Project to confirm if tornadoes did touch down and they will need to investigate before it is official.

Along with the tornado, Stammers said hail the size of golf balls hit parts of the province including Pierson, Man. as well as parts of Brandon.

"Lots of reports from the Brandon area. We had smaller hail in the Carberry and Treherne areas. So a fair bit of hail reported yesterday."

As for the rest of the week, Stammers said the active storm pattern appears to be continuing, which likely means more thunderstorm watches and warnings for the week, including in Winnipeg.

"It looks like possible redevelopment in the Red River Valley and points eastward tomorrow and there could be a fairly substantial threat tomorrow. Then it looks like a couple more days this week as well.

"Tomorrow afternoon could be the Winnipeg area for sure, although it might kind of just be east of us, but Winnipeg will kind of be on the edge tomorrow."

Stammers said it's important to continue to monitor ECCC to keep track of any potential watches or warnings in the province. Top Stories

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