Ukrainians around the world, including in Winnipeg, gathered Monday evening in a show of support for human rights.

Accused of murder and being held in a Russian prison, Nadiya Savchenko is fighting for her rights.

Ukraine’s first female military pilot and Member of Parliament was captured by pro-Russian insurgents in June 2014. She’s accused of being involved in the deaths of two Russian journalists. Russian police say Savchenko voluntarily crossed the border before being arrested, while Ukraine officials say she was taken.

Monday evening, Ukrainians united for Savchenko’s human rights, using the hashtag on social media #FreeSavchenko.

Protesting her own arrest, Savchenko has gone on a hunger strike and is now in her 5th week.

Last month, the Moscow city court upheld the decision to extend Savchenko’s detention until the end of the police investigation, which is expected to be complete in February.