A landmark in Lockport, Man., will be torn down this fall.

Skinner’s Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark, originally built in 1983, has sat vacant along Highway 44 for several years since it was last sold.

“We're sad to see it go because we've had a lot of, a lot of years of fun times, but it's nice to see the next step," said Skinner’s owner Brenda Thompson.

Law enforcement officials said the abandoned park has become a popular spot for trespassers and poses safety concerns.

“We just do our best to try and get the public not to attend here. When we do come here for calls, we speak with the people that are here, we gather their information, we warn them that if they return to this place again they could be fined under the petty trespass act because now we have their information and we're giving them an official warning,” said RCMP Const. Paul Human.

Santa Fe Developments, the current owner of the property the park currently resides on, told CTV News it has demolition permits for structures on the property.

According to the development company’s website the 34-acre piece of land will include single-family, multi-family and commercial developments in the future.

The Mayor of St. Andrews, George Pike, said the structure is expected to be demolished by the end of October.