WINNIPEG -- The town of Minnedosa is cleaning up, after storm damage Mayor Pat Skatch described as 'mass devastation.'

Heavy rain caused widespread flooding and triggered evacuations. Eighty four people were forced from their homes Tuesday, and checked into an evacuation centre, according to the town’s fire chief.

Environment Canada said the town received 48.1 millimetres on Tuesday.

The floodwaters have started to recede, revealing the scale of the damage.

CTV News visited Minnedosa on Thursday and there was damage ranging from flooded basements, washed out train tracks to cracked roads and sidewalks. The severe weather also knocked down a footbridge.

"The first night that we got hit, you couldn’t drive down this Main Street. It was an actual river flowing. There was water just everywhere," said Skatch.

Rows of sand bangs lined homes and business across town. 

“It was a mess,” said Ken Kane, who owns multiple buildings in Minnedosa. 

That mess also spilled into homeowner Sandra Hall’s garage and backyard. 

“We heard this crack, crack. It was these boulders hitting the side of the house. We walked out and there was a foot of water,” said Hall.

In the nearby town of Clanwilliam, floodwaters soaked farmland. Darren Charron, who runs Charon Family Honey Farms, lost around 40 chickens and his honey bees. 

“They just got washed away,” said Charron. “All in all the water came up four feet... Unfortunately, the whole town got wet. There is no place to divert the water.”

In Minnedosa, the mayor said some of the damage may be irreversible. “

We may never fully recover back to what we were,” said Skatch. “But everyone is pulling together and that is the main part.”

- With files from CTV's Mason DePatie, Tara Lopez and Touria Izri