WINNIPEG -- A group of lucky bingo players are heading into the summer $3 million richer.

On Saturday evening, Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo called the winning numbers for its record-breaking $3 million pot.

"It finally went tonight. It is amazing. It is incredible," Raj Phangureh, the bingo chairperson for Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo, told CTV News.

"It is great to finally give it away, that is for sure."

While Phangureh said there are multiple winners, he said Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo is not yet revealing how many.

Players have until Monday at 11:59 a.m. to call in or report a winning card.

The jackpot has been racking up dollars for more than a year. The last time the jackpot was won was on Feb. 1, 2020. The pot was $640,000 -- the largest pot Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo had at that point.

Phangureh said they have been seeing growth since April 2019 -- in the past few months he said the pot has been growing by about $60,000 per week.

While there was a slight dip when the COVID-19 pandemic hit -- this was due to a supply issue in printing cards -- Phangureh said the pot has been growing.

"We've really gotten used to the craziness," he said. "It is going to be nice to take a breath I hope, but I don’t know if we will actually have a chance to take a breath."

He said with the $3 million claimed, the pot will now go down to about $100,000. Currently bingo cards can only be purchased online.

-With files from CTV's Stephanie Tsicos