WINNIPEG -- The RCMP are searching for a man behind a robbery at a credit union near Steinbach police describe as something out of a TV show.

Mounties said a suspect disguised in a white hazmat suit robbed a credit union in Landmark, Man. on Wednesday.

Surveillance photos released by police also show a suspect wearing what appears to be a gas mask.

“This isn’t TV and this isn’t Walter White,” tweeted RCMP Manitoba, a reference to the lead character in “Breaking Bad” who often wore a hazmat suit on the show.

hazmat robber

Mounties said the man walked into the Niverville Credit Union branch office near Landmark, Man. around 10:20 a.m, and walked out two minutes later “with an undisclosed amount” of money.

According to Ken Rempel, CEO of the Niverville Credit Union, the man handed a note to the bank employees demanding cash.

“Our employees handled it very well as things unfolded. They were cool and calm,” said Rempel.

“He left very quickly, I’m very proud of our team.”

Police said the suspect left the bank with the money and drove away in a white vehicle with extensive damage in the back.

No customers were in the credit union at the time.

Mounties added no one saw a weapon on the suspect and there were no injuries.

“The main thing is no one got hurt,” said Rempel, adding the last time one of the branches was robbed was in 1998.

“Niverville Credit Union has been in business for 70 years and we’ve had two previous robberies,” said Rempel. “It is a rare occurrence.”

RCMP released photos of the suspect on Thursday. Anyone with information is asked to call St Pierre-Jolys RCMP at. 204-433-7433.