A man convicted of helping Jerome Labossiere kill his parents and brother in their St. Leon home in 2005 was handed a life sentence on Friday morning.

Before being taken to jail, 26-year-old Jeremie Toupin stood up in court and said he was sorry.

"I sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness from the Labossiere family for the stupid and horrible crime I committed…against Ferdinand, Rita and Remi. I felt horrible and have wanted to die many times after that day. I'm thankful I've been able to tell the truth to bring some closure," he said.

Toupin previously pleaded guilty in 2010 to three counts of second-degree murder for the deaths of Fernand, 78, Rita, 74, and Remi Labossiere.

They were shot to death and their bodies found in the charred remains of the St. Leon home.

Toupin was sentenced to life behind bars without eligibility of parole for 10 years. 

Toupin was handed a lesser sentence agreed upon by the Crown and defence in exchange for his testimony against Michel Hince, who was later acquitted, and Jerome Labossiere, who was found guilty at the start of February of three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths.

Paulette Desrochers is Jerome's sister.

She said she appreciated Toupin speaking to the family in court.

"It was a bit comforting to see that he actually wanted to address us. He said he was sorry. He's haunted by it. So are we," said Desrochers.

"As I was reading my victim impact statement, I was actually looking at Jeremie (Toupin) and I saw tears and I though, geez, you're feeling the same pain that I'm feeling," she said.

Jerome offered $10,000 for the killings of his parents and brother.

Justice Doug Abra called the case an "appalling family tragedy." He went on to say it was "hard to believe that a young man with no criminal record could be groomed to do something so horrendous."

"So now we have to try and sort of move forward, which is almost impossible some days," Rose Labossiere, Jerome's sister.

Toupin has been behind bars for four years and will be eligible for parole in 2018.

- with a report from CTV's Caroline Barghout

Victim impact statement from Paulette Desrochers

Everything I have to say here today is what the last six years have been for me and my family. My life changed forever on Nov 26, 2005. In one second Mom, Dad,& Remi were gone forever from my life.

Nothing can replace the void, the pain, the heartache that I feel. I will always grieve the lost moments with my brother Remi, who's life was taken away too soon. I grieve for the denial of My Mom and My Dad's Golden Years. I grieve for the loss of time with Family & for the lost Moments that my Grand Children will never be able to share with their Great Grand Parents and Great Uncle. I grieve for the lost moments with my Brothers & Sisters & Families that were taken away from me because of how this tragedy affected everybody. My Grief for the brother that I loved so much that threw his life away because of his wrong choices, is a heartache that will never go away. I wonder how could he possibly have been a part of this terrible Tragedy. I will never be able to forget the brutality of events in which Mom, Dad & Remi were taken away from us. It will forever haunt me. There are no words that can possibly describe the ache in my heart or the emptiness in my life. There are Three Generations of the Labossiere Family that will be scarred forever. There are so many unanswered questions left. We are all born with the power of choice. Why??? Why couldn't you just walk away????? What right did you have to decide their fate that night???? I have shed a million tears. I will never get a chance to say goodbye. It bothers me. God might forgive you but I never will.

I just virtually hope you relive my loved ones last moments every minute of your life. I hope you never forget the look of disbelief & horror on their faces, better yet their eyes for they knew you. You can only imagine what their last moments were like when you are at the mercy of the gun facing you. They knew they were going to die. The slaughter of my loved ones was so senseless. Jeremie, testifying was the right choice. Murder is definitely not acceptable. I pray that our Families somehow, one day find Peace within ourselves. I was hoping for a form of closure with the trial but the outcome made it become wishful thinking. I want to be grateful for Family, Friends & the Special People out there that are walking with me in this difficult journey & the days yet to come. Mom, Dad & Remi I Will always Miss & Love you.