A Winnipeg man is fighting for funding to remove excess skin left over after losing more than 200 pounds in less than two years.

In 2013, Chris Gair was in danger of losing his life at just 26 years old.

"He just basically looked at me and said, you're 412 pounds, you need to lose weight or you're going to die by the age of 36,” he said.

Gaining weight fast, and not sure how to change, Gair decided to join Crossfit Winnipeg.

"I went in there and I started doing wall balls. I hated my life, I wanted to get out of there,” he explained.

However, he stuck it out, and two years later, he now weighs 202 pounds.

His trainers can’t believe how fast the weight is falling off.

"He's a beast, the guy's unreal. Like cardio up the wazoo. He can lift heavy things, and then put them back down," said Gary McLeod, one of Chris’ trainers.

“To see someone go through it all, no complaints at all, with a smile every time, it makes me smile more,” added other trainer Megan Maes.

However, sudden weight loss also came with excess skin all over Gair’s body.

He needs to have his skin tightened all over his body, which will cost around $30,000 – most he will pay for himself.

The government said they only insure plastic surgeries if they are medically required.

In Gair’s case, they are covering $10,000.

"They are covering a third, so that's nice. But it is frustrating that I just can't get the whole amount covered," he said.

He has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise the additional $20,000.

In the meantime, he has successfully completed his first surgery, and hopes to get back to the gym within six to eight weeks.

BELOW: Chris Gair before and after.