Harvey Sanderson, 27, died Wednesday morning after he was assaulted on the weekend.

Sanderson, who had brittle bone disease and was in a wheelchair, was found in his apartment on Kennedy Street, around 11:30 a.m. Saturday by his healthcare worker.

He was rushed to hospital in critical condition but died Aug. 3.

Sanderson's suite is still sealed off as police investigate.

"The way he was attacked in his own apartment, it's hard to believe," said Helena Harris, Sanderson's sister.

"There's so much about Harvey – no words can describe him. He probably had more friends than I did," said Harris.

Kyle Ross has been friends with Sanderson since high school. He said he can't believe someone would hurt his friend, someone who was vulnerable.

"(I'm) really going to miss him," said Ross.

On Tuesday, police said John Raven Ward, 27, and Bobbi Melissa McKay, 27, faced charges for assault and robbery in connection with the case. Both were previously known to police.

Officers are unsure if Sanderson knew the two charged with the attack before the weekend.

According to building security cameras, Sanderson met the accused outside the apartment building's doors late Friday night.

Police believe he invited them into his apartment. People in the area said one of the accused also lived in the building.

Officers said they will be speaking with doctors to determine if the beating caused Sanderson's death.

It's possible charges could be upgraded.

"Given the nature of the condition of the victim in this case, it has to be looked at very carefully in consultation with the Crown's office," said Const. Robert Carver from Winnipeg police.

Sanderson's neigbhour, Joyce Lancaster, said the incident has left her shaken, but she vowed to speak out. She hopes sharing Sanderson's story will protect others with disabilities.

"He had a life just like anyone else," she said.

Sanderson's sister said he would have been proud of the move to protect others with disabilities.

"Please don't waste your energy on the negative - let's make a positive change out of this outcome. My brother Harvey would have loved that," said Helena Harris.