WINNIPEG -- Manitoba will be extending an agreement with the Manitoba Dental Association to give basic dental care to EIA recipients and children in care.

On Wednesday, Families Minister Rochelle Squires said in a news release the province is spending more than $32 million to extend its agreement with the dental association for three years. The agreement has the province covering a portion of the costs in providing dental care to those on EIA and children in care.

The province said under the Rewarding Work Health Plan, those receiving EIA who get employment and no longer need the income assistance are still eligible for up to 24 months of basic dental care.

Along with the funding to extend the agreement, Squires announced the province will be creating a $20 million endowment fund to help EIA recipients find employment.

This fund will be managed by The Winnipeg Foundation, and the annual revenue from the fund will be distributed in grants to community groups and agencies to be used for things such as wage subsidies, work placements, financial and wellness supports, and culturally appropriate pre-employment programs, the province said.

Squires said the applications for the grants are expected to open in 2022 once the province decides the eligibility and selection criteria.