WINNIPEG -- Manitoba health officials will begin some testing of asymptomatic people for COVID-19.

Shared Health said they are now collecting swabs from members of the public who are visiting a facility where testing for COVID-19 is being offered.

“To better understand how COVID-19 is spreading in Manitoba, Public Health officials are conducting surveillance testing of people without symptoms of COVID-19 (asymptomatic people),” a release from Shared Health reads. “This is being done to monitor COVID-19 infections in people who are not experiencing symptoms.

“Expanding the testing criteria to monitor the spread in people without symptoms will help officials monitor COVID-19 in Manitoba as social (physical) distancing measures are lifted.”

Participating in the test is strictly voluntary. Public Health officials will contact people directly if tests come back positive for COVID-19.

The province had only been testing people showing symptoms of COVID-19.

The province did not hold a news conference on Friday, but announced two new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 292.

In the daily update, the province said it’s still not recommending testing for people who do not have symptoms, and that people without COVID-19 symptoms should not seek out testing.

-with files from CTV’s Devon McKendrick