WINNIPEG -- A Manitoba company has created a new hospital bed to help temporary COVID-19 hospitals and field clinics in Canada.

Vidir Solutions, a manufacturing company based in Arborg, Man., has shipped out 100 of its new COVID-19 emergency response beds.

"We realized there was a need in the marketplace for beds that were not your standard hospital beds, something that could be used in the environments that were happening – you know, people were setting up temporary hospitals, temporary clinics," said Mario Fontes, the director of sales and marketing at Vidir Solutions.

"We've created an industry-first, a worldwide-first hospital bed that is portable, stackable, and made of heavy-duty material so it is something that can be used in a field hospital."

The new beds are adjustable, collapsible and stackable, which makes them easier to ship.

Fontes said Vidir Solutions can produce more than one hundred of these beds per week, and has sent its first batch of beds to eastern Canada to be used in temporary COVID-19 hospitals and clinics.

"We are obviously very proud. It is a huge accomplishment, especially to be a Canadian supplier for Canadian hospitals," Alyssa Gulay, a Vidir Solutions sales representative, told CTV News.

"We have been able to get over many hurdles of the issues that are coming about when they are putting these hospitals together, and what standards they need for these beds." 

-with files from CTV's Charles Lefebvre