Susan Fennell wants to age without showing signs of it.

Before she was 50-years-old, she began botox treatment to smoothen her lines and rid her face of wrinkles.

“I think what I like best is you start getting these really deep angry looking lines here that it just helps smooth that out a little bit,” said Fennell.

Botulinum toxin, known as botox, is a protein complex produced by bacterium Clostridium botulinum, the same bacteria causing food poisoning. Health Canada notes small doses of it can block a muscle’s ability to contract, temporarily reducing wrinkles. It’s also used to treat chronic migraines or excessive sweating.

Patients looking for a youth-boosting botox may soon be able to get the treatment at the dentist.

The Manitoba Dental Association regularly reviews its bylaws, which govern the scope and standards of practice for dentistry in the province. In the coming year or two, an ad-hoc committee will review its bylaw regarding botox.

“It’s just another thing that we can do to tweak that smile to give them that perfect smile that people want today,” said Dr. Wayne Chou, a dentist in Vancouver who does botox.

Dentists practicing in British Columbia have been able to administer botox since 2007 when the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia changed its rules.

In Alberta, dentists can also be licensed to administer Botox for cosmetic reasons.

However in Ontario, dentists only allowed to administer botox for cosmetic purposes intra-orally.

Dr. Kenneth Hamin, a dentist in Winnipeg, said if the Manitoba Dental Association approved its use, he would administer botox. Hamin believes botox is another tool dentists could use to enhance the smile and potentially relieve tension in the jaw for patients experiencing pain from temporomandibular joint.

“I would probably use it for hyperactive lip because when they smile they show a lot of their gum and teeth,” said Dr. Hamin. “Second reason may be for myofascial pain or TMJ patients that have pain in the muscle.”

Dr. Earl Minuk, a dermatologist who has been administering botox for 20 years believes dentists should stick to injections near the mouth, and said 90 per cent of his clients want botox injections around the eyes.

“To be trained and to be an expert is different. I think anybody can be trained to do an injection,” said Minuk. “Botox should be administered by a dermatologist, by a specialist and by an expert.”

Dr. Marcel Van Woensel, the registrar with the Manitoba Dental Association is uncertain when a review of the botox-related bylaw will begin. An ad-hoc committee, which hasn’t formed yet, will study the issue and make recommendations to the Manitoba Dental Association’s board.