WINNIPEG -- Manitoba doctors are calling on the expansion of virtual care to be able to see all patients, especially those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19.

“Watching the news now, we see that most of the COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are occurring in the elderly or those with complex medical conditions,” said Dr. Cory Baillie, president of Doctors Manitoba.

“The elderly and those with complex medical conditions are most vulnerable to COVID and it’s most important for them to be able to stay in touch with their physician. Currently, physicians don’t have the tools with virtual visits to be able to offer the care to their elderly patients or those with complex medical visits like they’d like to.”

Manitoba is the only province that doesn’t allow virtual patient visits for these two groups.

Doctors Manitoba, which represents more than 3.000 physicians in the province, said in the spring, patient visits dropped by more than 50 per cent.

Amid the current rise in cases, the group is urging the public not to put their health on hold.