Stormy the lamb was born on a small farm near Hazelridge, east of Winnipeg, last Sunday during a big storm.

Her mother rejected her. But the little lamb is not alone.

A one-year-old dog, named Tammy, has adopted the little animal.

"Even though Tammy's never had a litter, she's so mothering to that little lamb," said Cathy Fleury, Stormy’s owner.

The two animals have become fast friends and spend all their time together.

"I was outside working all day, and I'd turn around and they'd be (lying) under a tree sleeping, or just hanging out. They actually crawled up on the porch once and they were sleeping up there," said Fleury.

And when they aren't sleeping, they're playing. Stormy runs and jumps around the field, all under Tammy's watchful eye.

"The odd time Tammy will wander off. But, she's a good mum,” said Fleury.

The sad reality of life on a farm is that sometimes animals don't get to stay together, but Fleury says nothing is going to get in the way of the unlikely bond that's formed between Tammy and Stormy and the two can look forward to many more years together.