The provincial election campaign has been anything but clean between the New Democratic Party and the Conservatives.

NDP Leader Greg Selinger has resorted to name calling when talking about PC Leader Brian Pallister.

"I think he's homophobic. He has to answer for his views on that matter," said Selinger last week.

In the last few days, the NDP has ramped up its attacks on Pallister over his time away in Costa Rica and his failure to disclose his tax returns. Selinger even suggested Pallister would cancel cancer drug funding.

The Tories have responded to the attacks by calling the NDP leader desperate.

"I'm actually, quite frankly, disgusted at the tactics that he has used," said PC Tuxedo candidate Heather Stefanson on Saturday.

Mary Agnes Welch of Probe Research said the NDP has done a lot of mudslinging this election - likely, she said, in a last-ditch effort to hold onto as many seats as possible, with polls heavily favouring the Conservatives.

"The tactic is to play to their base, to galvanize that core NDP vote, and try to salvage some of those key seats," said Welch.

The Conservatives aren't innocent, claiming Greg Selinger will raise the PST to 10 per cent if re-elected. They also allege the NDP leader is being controlled by big labour bosses who helped him squeak through his leadership crisis a year ago.