WINNIPEG -- The Manitoba government announced on Wednesday that it expects residents to have their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of July.

Under the province’s low-supply scenario, it expects second doses to be administered by July 31, and under the high-supply scenario by July 29.

“For the second dose campaign, all roads point to by the end of July,” said Johanu Botha, operations, logistics and planning lead for Manitoba’s Vaccine Implementation Task Force.

“The differences between the low and high scenarios are quite negligible at this point.”

As for first-dose projections, Manitoba expects residents will have their first dose by June 9 under the low-supply scenario, and June 7 under the high-supply scenario.

Second dose appointments will open to Manitobans with certain health conditions on May 21, likely at around 11:45 a.m. A full list of these conditions can be found below. 

The province said it expects to further open up eligibility for second dose appointments at some point next week.

Botha said after health conditions, the second dose appointments will mainly be booked based on when the first dose was administered.

“The baseline approach and what I anticipate to be the main approach going forward will be announcing cut-off dates,” Botha said.

He noted that people should remember the date they received their first vaccine and the type of vaccine they got. As of now, people will be receiving the same type of vaccine they did for their first dose.