WINNIPEG -- Some First Nations leaders spent the past week in Cuba looking at health facilities and meeting with health officials.

Grand Chief of the Southern Chiefs' Organization, Jerry Daniels, said part of the reason for being down in Cuba was to discuss the potential for having Cuban health professionals staff the First Nations communities.

"We needed to find a way to try to create some innovation in the crisis that we are facing in our communities," said Daniels. "So that is really why we've decided to at least, give some consideration to look at how it could improve health outcomes in our communities."

Daniels said Cuba has been recognized around the world for its health care and he feels officials could offer a lot to First Nations in the province.

"I think they have a very comprehensive approach to health care," said Daniels, adding the country's health plan is much more cost-effective.

Daniels said there will be a meeting with all of the Southern Chiefs in the coming weeks to discuss changes going forward.