WINNIPEG -- The Manitoba government announced on Thursday it will be flowing $106 million from the Safe Restart Agreement between the province and the federal government to municipalities and public transit.

Municipal Relations Minister Rochelle Squires made the announcement at a news conference, saying that $72.6 million will go directly to the province’s 137 municipalities on a per capita basis.

The minister noted the City of Winnipeg will receive just over $42.2 million from this portion of the Safe Restart Agreement funding.

The remaining $33.4 million will go towards public transit in the five municipalities with eligible public transit systems.

All of the money announced is from the federal government.

“The formula for the public transit portion is being finalized and will take into account factors such as ridership, as well as projected losses compared to pre-COVID levels,” the minister said.

She noted that based on these factors, it is expected the City of Winnipeg will receive more than 90 per cent of the public transit funding.

Squires said this money will provide municipalities with a “financial cushion” so they can deliver the services that residents need, while still be able to advance priority projects.

“Our government is committed to supporting and working collaboratively with all municipal partners,” she said.

“Together we can protect Manitobans while working towards a strong recovery from this pandemic.”

This money is in addition to previously announced financial support for municipalities. In May, the province advanced $129.45 million in flexible operating grants to municipalities, and then another $43.15 million in September.

"As we understand it, there's no dollars flowing from Broadway to assist the City of Winnipeg at this time," said Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman.

"No new incremental COVID dollars. This is in stark contrast to many other conservative run provinces."

Bowman added the city is still waiting for a written response from the minister of Municipal Relations outlining more details on the funding.