The Manitoba government released an online survey to gather opinions from the public on the federal government’s carbon pricing plan.

Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox said the province is releasing the survey about the federal plan as Manitoba develops its own Climate and Green Plan.

The federal Liberal government met with provincial and territorial leaders in December to discuss a national carbon pricing plan. All provinces and territories agreed to it, with the exception of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says any provincial government that doesn't introduce a carbon tax or cap and trade program by 2018 will have one imposed by his government.

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Manitoba’s plan will include measures to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and adopt energy saving technologies, said Cox in a news release. She said measures to address climate change can lead to new jobs and clean technology.

“While Manitobans understand the importance of environmental protection, our government has an equal responsibility to ensure we stimulate investments in clean energy and green growth that will create sustainable jobs throughout our province,” said Cox.

Survey respondents will also have a chance to offer their ideas on what revenue generated from carbon pricing could be used for.

The survey is available on the province’s Climate and Green Plan website and will remain open until March 19.