The Manitoba government has put out a request for proposals looking for an engineering consultant to study the redesign of the south Perimeter Highway.

In a news release, the province said the south Perimeter will be redesigned “to create a modern freeway similar to American interstate standards” featuring interchanges with overpass structures, ramps, loops and service roads to provide highway access.

The functional design will also include plans for a westerly bypass of St. Norbert starting south of the neighbourhood and running north to connect to the perimeter at Kenaston Blvd.

“Our government is committed to ensuring value for money as we rebuild our aging provincial infrastructure,” said Pedersen in the release. “Our goal is to increase trade and improve transportation efficiency on this very important, heavily-travelled route.”

“We look forward to hearing from industry experts to see what improvements can be made to handle projected traffic increases over the next several decades.”

The study is expected to take two years.

The previous NDP government promised a St. Norbert bypass and the removal of traffic lights from the south Perimeter Highway.

In November 2016, Pedersen said the province was studying next steps for the highway because it’s nearing the end of its lifecycle.