WINNIPEG -- Manitoba enforcement officers handed out more than $80,000 in fines between Dec. 7 and 13 due to people and businesses breaking public health orders.

According to the province’s latest COVID-19 enforcement update released on Dec. 15, there were 5,764 calls related to enforcement, but only 48 tickets were given out for non-compliance with public health orders.

Enforcement officers handed out seven $5,000 fines to businesses, as well as 36 $1,296 fines to individuals for breaking the restrictions. They also gave out five $298 tickets to people not wearing masks in indoor public places. This is a total of $83,146 in fines between Dec. 7 and 13.

Some of the businesses and organizations fined during this week include:

  1. Prairie Foods Plum Coulee in Plum Coulee was fined $5,000;
  2. The Great Canadian Dollar Store on Main Street in Steinbach was fined $5,000;
  3. United Unlimited Importers Exporters Wholesale in Winnipeg was fined $5,000;
  4. Real Canadian Superstore in Steinbach was fined $5,000;
  5. Minhas Creek Craft Brewing Co. in Winnipeg was fined $5,000; and
  6. Sasagiu Rapids Lodge in Setting Lake was fined $1,296.

The Manitoba government also provided an update regarding its enforcement efforts at the Church of God (Restoration) near Steinbach, Man., saying it fined five individuals $1,296 because of weekend services. It also handed out two $5,000 fines to the church.

Since April, the province has given out 1,207 warnings and 497 tickets to people breaking public health orders, which comes out to more than $761,000 in fines to businesses and individuals.

The province is also urging people to stick to the rules during the holiday season.

“As the holiday season approaches, officials advise that gatherings in private residences remain a concern,” it said in the enforcement update. 

“Manitobans are reminded that public health orders remain in effect and must be followed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.”