WINNIPEG -- All workers at the Keeyask station are being tested for COVID-19 after a worker tested positive.

A spokesperson for Manitoba Hydro said the move is being made "out of an abundance of caution."

"Manitoba Hydro is testing the entire workforce (approximately 760) at the site. This decision was made Monday and communicated to all Keeyask Cree Nations in a Monday afternoon call," said Bruce Owen, the media relations officer for Manitoba Hydro, in an email.

He added all incoming workers will also be tested and they will be tested before they travel to the site.

Owen also confirmed a close contact of the first case, which was announced on Tuesday, is presumed positive as the person's test came back as "not clear."

"Contact tracing for this "not clear" individual has also begun and close contacts are being isolated already."

He said all contacts will remain in isolation until tests have been received.

On top of testing the entire workforce, Owen said daily commuting to and from the site and Gillam will be halted.

Also the camp's theatre, lounge and gym facilities will be closed and weekend visits to Thompson and other locations are also being stopped.

"The safety of staff and local communities remains a top priority," said Owen.