WINNIPEG -- Manitoba politicians gave final approval to an omnibus budget bill, a new carbon-reduction plan and more laws Thursday night as the provincial legislature wrapped up another session.

Among the new laws is the province's green plan, which will establish targets for emission reductions but will not include a carbon tax.

Premier Brian Pallister originally planned to enact a $25 per tonne tax this fall, but changed his mind after the federal government threatened to impose a higher levy.

Another new law from the Progressive Conservative government will set restrictions in many parts of the province on spotlight-hunting at night -- a move that has angered some Indigenous leaders.

The government also let a couple of bills from the Opposition New Democrats become law, including one that will ban social workers from taking children into care solely because of poverty.

The legislature will now be on a break until a new session starts, with a throne speech outlining the government's agenda for 2019, on Nov. 20.