WINNIPEG -- A Manitoba RCMP officer was hurt while arresting a break and enter suspect in Selkirk, Man., on Friday.

Around 9 a.m., Mounties received a report of a man with a knife outside of a business on Main Street.

Officers said by the time they got to the scene, the man had broken into the business.

Mounties arrested the suspect, however, during the arrest, an officer was hurt and needed medical attention. 

Police also managed to seize the knife.

While at the scene, officers found a small fire, which they allege had been set by the suspect. The fire was extinguished before it got out of control.

Mounties noted the suspect was showing signs of drug impairment at the time of his arrest.

Officers charged a 30-year-old man from Lac du Bonnet, Man., with several charges including break and enter, assault of a peace officer, and arson. None of these charges have been proven in court.

RCMP did not provide details on the nature of the injury to the officer but said the officer was treated and released.