In a statement released on Saturday, Grand Chief Derek Nepinak said members of the RCMP from Manitoba were going to be on hand to help in the investigation and aftermath of the tragedy in La Loche, Saskatchewan.

He said the RCMP liaison in Manitoba would be in touch with him as details continue to unfold in the situation.

Nepinak also expressed heaviness in his heart for the people affected by the shooting.

“Our hearts and prayers have to go out to the community at this time. No one anticipates this kind of tragedy to unfold in any of our communities and as such, this tragedy creates shock and difficulty amongst all of us who have friends and families throughout our northern communities,” he said in the release.

MKO Grand Chief Sheila North Wilson told CTV she is talking to leaders in the community.

"It's hard to imagine how families and friends of the shooting victims are feeling as they come to grips with the tragedies they are now facing. This is a devastating loss for everyone and I stand with the families as they come together to begin the healing process," she said in a release on Saturday.