Their scientific name is selenite crystals, but they're being dubbed Manitoba's "diamonds in the muck."

The only place in the world where you can find the very popular and highly desirable, oddly shaped rocks is Winnipeg's Red River Floodway.

Jack Bauer is the president of the Mineral Society of Manitoba.

He says the Floodway Authority gave his society and the Winnipeg Rock and Mineral club permission to dig for the crystals on the floodway's right-of-way.

That's an area where the floodway-widening work was completed in 2007.

He says the expansion unearthed a whole new batch of the crystals.

Some of the crystals sell for over $500 a piece, but his society plans to collect and donate specimens for a new display at the Manitoba Museum's Earth Sciences Gallery.

If you'd like to see the crystals, they'll first be on display at Oak Hammock Marsh on September 20th and 21st.