WINNIPEG -- Manitoba enforcement officers handed out 56 tickets in the span of a week to people breaking the public health rules, an increase of 167 per cent compared to the week before.

According to the province’s enforcement update for April 19 to 25, enforcement officers handed out 39 tickets for $1,296 for various offences, and 17 tickets for $298 for people not wearing masks in indoor public places during this week. The province noted that 33 of the $1,296 fines were linked to gatherings outdoors or in private residences.

The province notes last week, only 21 tickets were handed out.

The enforcement update said that officials investigate all violations of public health orders that they are made aware of, including large gatherings and rallies.

“The public is reminded that abusive and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated, and criminal offences will be reported to police and investigated,” the province said.

A spokesperson for the province said enforcement officials were at an anti-mask rally at The Forks on Sunday and they were focused on surveillance and interventions.

"Tickets were issued, information was gathered and further tickets are pending based on video and other information collected on site," a spokesperson said.

They added two $1,296 tickets were handed out for failing to self-isolate and gathering in a group larger than permitted.

The province said investigations are ongoing.

From April 19 to 25, enforcement officers issued $55,610 in fines, and gave out 92 warnings for breaking public health orders.

Since the province began its enforcement efforts last year, it has issued more than $1.7 million in fines and issued 3,896 warnings.