WINNIPEG -- A grade four student in Winnipeg is trying to bring racial equality to a giant toy company.

Luca Vieira, 10, wrote a letter to PlayMobil asking it to make its mobile people more ethnically diverse.

"I want you to change that because little kids need to be able to see themselves in the real world and feel included," he said in the letter to the company.

Luca said it's important for all people included.

"If certain people don't feel included they're just going to be lonely," Luca told CTV News.

He said of all the people created by PlayMobil, he only found seven with dark skin.

"You should see a lot of different skin tones, because that is really important," he said. "Kids are the next generation and they need to be able to see themselves."

Luca's dad Mark Vieira said the letter makes him proud.

"Just for him to be aware of what is transpiring in the world. Hopefully, that leads to positive changes and inclusivity for him and his friends moving forward," said Mark.

Luca said the letter was sent a month ago and he hasn't received a response back, but he hopes he will hear back soon.

"If they do send a letter back, I'm hoping they will say they are working on some changes," said Luca.

CTV News has reached out to PlayMobil for comment.