WINNIPEG -- A 17-year-old male had his licence suspended and received a ticket for driving nearly 70 kilometres over the speed limit on Tuesday morning, according to Brandon RCMP.

Mounties were patrolling the Trans-Canada Highway near Highway 5 at 3:15 a.m. on Tuesday, when they saw a vehicle heading east and travelling at a high rate of speed. Police used radar and determined the driver was driving the vehicle at 167 kilometres per hour. The speed limit in the area is 100 kilometres per hour.

Officers turned their lights on to begin a traffic stop, and the other car attempted to turn right on Highway 5, however, the driver lost control of the vehicle. RCMP said the vehicle crossed the highway into an east side ditch, then came out of the ditch, went up and over a service road, and landed on top of a utility box in the south ditch.

The 17-year-old driver and two male youth passengers got out of the vehicle. The driver suffered minor injuries, and was checked by medical personnel at the scene. The passengers were not injured.

The driver, who is from Carberry, Man., was handed a $927 ticket, and was also issued a serious offence notice, which suspends his licence. The youth will now have a hearing with Manitoba Public Insurance.

RCMP said the driver’s mother picked him up at the scene.